What I Learned About Women Recently…

What I Learned About Women Recently…

Everything resonates and has a frequency. Everything has a vibration. What I discovered recently, is that women raise the vibration of everyone and everything around them. They do this naturally. It’s so compelling that many women become super attractors — creating vibrational resonance with everyone and every living thing around — men, women, children, pets, plants… The world tends to lower our vibration every day and women are the keys to vibrational alignment. Anything that damages their harmonic vibration is harmful to the entire planet.

So…it’s clearly important that we support women in raising and nurturing their vibrational health — help them keep their vibrations high and singing in beautiful harmony. One way women can do this is to be around other women. The feminine connection is a powerful magic that raises the vibrations of all. Another way is through this process that I’ve added below — a 3-step protocol for raising your vibration (and it’s free). Check it out and may you have happy harmonies!

Raise Your Vibration Protocol