Lead Magnets (Part 1: Free Ebooks)

Types of Lead Magnets…

Whether you call them Lead Magnets, Irresistible Free Offers, Optin Offers or Freebies… the fact is, some work better than others. We’ve created and hosted over 200 different lead magnets and we’ve seen the stats. So here is Part Three of an “executive briefing” on the advantages and disadvantages of different lead magnets.

Free Ebooks
Probably the most common type of lead magnet, the free ebook is often the perfect thing to get people interested in your work. So without a lot of fluff, here are the key Do’s and Don’ts of offering a free ebook as a lead magnet…

Don’t Do This…

  1. Create an ebook that takes longer than 1 hour to read. Your free ebook should be a mini-ebook that can be consumed in one sitting. Offer too much and you’ve defeated the purpose.
  2. Use a sample chapter from a full-sized book. It sounds alluring to YOU, but your audience doesn’t care. Sample chapters just don’t work.
  3. Create an “introduction” to your work with general information or a generalized “blueprint.” People want concrete solutions and take-away benefits, not preparation for something coming later.
  4. Make your ebook a sales pitch or brochure. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to sell in your email follow-up sequence, so relax and let the free ebook inform and WOW your audience.
  5. Create an ebook that looks and feels amateurish. Don’t self-publish if you don’t have the skills. Don’t design the cover or interior if you don’t have the skills. And don’t edit your own writing…ever!

Do Do This…

  1. Offer a set of steps or tips that are short and useful, such as “5 Thing You Need to Know…” or “The Secret to Creating a Winning…” or “6 Tips for Reducing Stress…” You get the idea.
  2. Pull highlights from a larger book to assemble 5-10 tips or strategies. These should be pulled from various locations in the larger book — not a contiguous chapter or section.
  3. Give your readers a WOW or AHA experience — if possible, something they have not encountered before.
  4. Leave your readers wanting more! Don’t give away the farm. Leave something out, so your readers want to get it. You might give the secret to building a successful business, but the secret doesn’t tell them how to accomplish it. Or you might give 5 steps for resolving conflicts, but offer an experiential program where people can actually practice the process.
  5. Align your free ebook with your upsell. It does you little good if you give an ebook with the “secret to reducing stress” when you don’t have a stress program to upsell afterward. Make sure the freebie is aligned with your upsell.

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts and your free ebooks will be among your top performing lead magnets…guaranteed!

What I Learned About Women Recently…

What I Learned About Women Recently…

Everything resonates and has a frequency. Everything has a vibration. What I discovered recently, is that women raise the vibration of everyone and everything around them. They do this naturally. It’s so compelling that many women become super attractors — creating vibrational resonance with everyone and every living thing around — men, women, children, pets, plants… The world tends to lower our vibration every day and women are the keys to vibrational alignment. Anything that damages their harmonic vibration is harmful to the entire planet.

So…it’s clearly important that we support women in raising and nurturing their vibrational health — help them keep their vibrations high and singing in beautiful harmony. One way women can do this is to be around other women. The feminine connection is a powerful magic that raises the vibrations of all. Another way is through this process that I’ve added below — a 3-step protocol for raising your vibration (and it’s free). Check it out and may you have happy harmonies!

Raise Your Vibration Protocol

Two Programs to Build Your Coaching Business…

Certification & Clients

Here are two great programs for coaches and mentors. I know you’ll find them of great value for your coaching/mentoring business.

NeuroCoaching Certification

Mark Waldman is taking students for his next NeuroCoach Pro Certification class. His classes are by far the best in the business (he is a professor of the Executive MBA program at LMU) and NeuroCoaching will add to your skill set like nothing you’ve ever experienced!

Check out Mark’s video —> here
Program Details & Application —> here

Dream Client Delivery System

What if your coaching program could serve your dream clients, build your dream business, and change the world?

You just need to package, price, and structure your coaching programs with THIS framework, so you start charging what you’re worth.

Download Ted McGrath’s
Packaging and Pricing Framework —> here

Contribute Your Greatest Wisdom in 250 Words

Contribute Your Greatest Wisdom in 250 Words
30 Spots Available!

Click the cover on the right to get a copy of our latest multi-author mini-ebook. This one is on Business Intuition and it features some amazing tips from our expert authors.

What’s even more exciting is that YOU can participate in one of these multi-author ebooks too — as a contributing author! These are highly visual mini-ebooks that get TONS of distribution and exposure. It’s a great opportunity to get the word out about your business, coaching practice, product or service without a lot of effort or expense.

These ebooks leverage the power of trust and prestige. They build trust with the audience and give you the prestige of a high-profile production. They are the perfect opportunity for teachers, therapists, entrepreneurs, coaches and thought leaders. Use them to build your audience, pass-on your personal or professional wisdom, or express your life lessons, values or Unique Business Proposition.

Here’s another one to check-out.
This one is enhanced with video inside

In addition to your unique page in one of these gorgeous little ebooks, you get coaching via a private Facebook group and opportunities to enhance your work with video — or even to publish your own, solo mini-ebook or series.

30 Contributor Spots Available
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Stand Out from the Crowd!

Smart Marketing for Coaches & Thought Leaders

These are some excellent marketing tips for coaches that will help you stand out from the crowd and project your best qualities.

There are only 5 tips, but they are full of information and distill it into simple concepts that you can really use to expand your coaching practice, or any online business.

The tips include new and exciting ways to get published more easily, while using your book to build your business in measurable ways.

If you want to use publishing to build your coaching Business, stand out from the crowd and attract more of your ideal client, don’t miss this terrific resource.

Free 5-Part Series —> here

Top 20 Small Business Marketing Ideas from the Pros

With tight budgets and limited time, small businesses often struggle to stand out against the competition. But with a little innovation and elbow grease, these folks have come up with some pretty inspiring ways to market their businesses. Check out these top 20 small business marketing ideas that will help make your business one to remember.

My own idea is featured in the article as item #5: Write a Mini-eBook. You’ll find this and the other 9 ideas to be worth a look.

Check out the full article —> here

Complimentary eBooks

Body, Mind, Spirit, Success & Culture 

Learning is not what it used to be. Today, information is accessible fast on the Internet. Who has time to read long books and old-school materials when information is so quick and easily to access online?

That’s why this mini-ebook club is the perfect idea for the future of learning! You get a BUNCH of small, bite-sized ebooks that you can quickly read and digest — just for signing up.

Plus new ebooks are being added all the time.

Information in condensed form. What a concept! And these ebooks are gorgeous plus many are multi-media enriched, so they have video and audio right inside.

Sign-up for free and get TONS of free ebooks just for joining. Plus you get discounts on lots of others…mostly for only 99-cents. Easy fast and fun!

Click here to grab all the ebooks!

Psssst….if you’re an author, you should check out their author guidelines to get your own mini-ebook sold in the MiniBookClub.

Marketing Freebies

pick one that’s right for you…

Marketing Freebies
Free Marketing for Authors, Speakers, Coaches 

Author Marketing 10 Commandments
As an author, you have dozens of marketing opportunities and strategies available to you…how do you prioritize? This series of 10 essential tips will help you make sense of it all.

Free email series — here.

Speaker Must-Do List
Pro Publicist, Jackie Lapin, has compiled a list of the 12 things speakers cannot afford to do without. This free report gives you these 12 essentials and offers some great advice for booking your own speaking gigs (including where to find them). Check it out right here.

Complimentary 22-Day Program on brain optimization

No-Cost Email Summit

I want to share a very special, free program with you that is guaranteed to blow your mind!

It’s a 22-Day program, featuring Neuro-Enhancement techniques from me and 1o other top experts in the fields of neuroscience, brain entrainment, meditation, neuro-coaching, neuro-emotional connections, and inner genius.

Some of the information in this program will surprise…or even shock you. But the practical techniques given in this program will help you feel more balanced, improve your focus, increase passion, relieve stress, tap into your inner brilliance, and align thoughts and feelings.

A few of the techniques in this program…

  • A process for dealing with worry.
  • 5 Rules to Reduce Stress, Stimulate Cooperation, and Increase Work Productivity.
  • A powerful visualization daydreaming exercise.
  • Exercises to help yourself feel relaxed and joyous.
  • A step-by-step process for facing your fears.

…plus several bonuses like ebooks, brain games, and much more!

This is powerful information that I strongly recommend. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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