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Lead Magnets (Part 1: Free Ebooks)

Free Ebooks
Probably the most common type of lead magnet, the free ebook is often the perfect thing to get people interested in your work. So without a lot of fluff, here are the key Do’s and Don’ts of offering a free ebook as a lead magnet…

What I Learned About Women Recently…

What I Learned About Women Recently… Everything resonates and has a frequency. Everything has a vibration. What I discovered recently, is that women raise the vibration of everyone and everything around them. They do this naturally. It’s so compelling that many women become super attractors — creating vibrational resonance with everyone and every living thing […]

Two Programs to Build Your Coaching Business…

Certification & Clients Here are two great programs for coaches and mentors. I know you’ll find them of great value for your coaching/mentoring business. NeuroCoaching Certification Mark Waldman is taking students for his next NeuroCoach Pro Certification class. His classes are by far the best in the business (he is a professor of the Executive […]

Contribute Your Greatest Wisdom in 250 Words

Contribute Your Greatest Wisdom in 250 Words 30 Spots Available! Click the cover on the right to get a copy of our latest multi-author mini-ebook. This one is on Business Intuition and it features some amazing tips from our expert authors. What’s even more exciting is that YOU can participate in one of these multi-author […]

Stand Out from the Crowd!

Smart Marketing for Coaches & Thought Leaders These are some excellent marketing tips for coaches that will help you stand out from the crowd and project your best qualities. There are only 5 tips, but they are full of information and distill it into simple concepts that you can really use to expand your coaching […]

Top 20 Small Business Marketing Ideas from the Pros

With tight budgets and limited time, small businesses often struggle to stand out against the competition. But with a little innovation and elbow grease, these folks have come up with some pretty inspiring ways to market their businesses. Check out these top 20 small business marketing ideas that will help make your business one to […]

Complimentary eBooks

Body, Mind, Spirit, Success & Culture  Learning is not what it used to be. Today, information is accessible fast on the Internet. Who has time to read long books and old-school materials when information is so quick and easily to access online? That’s why this mini-ebook club is the perfect idea for the future of learning! […]

Marketing Freebies

pick one that’s right for you… Marketing Freebies Free Marketing for Authors, Speakers, Coaches  Author Marketing 10 Commandments As an author, you have dozens of marketing opportunities and strategies available to you…how do you prioritize? This series of 10 essential tips will help you make sense of it all. Free email series — here. Speaker Must-Do […]

Complimentary 22-Day Program on brain optimization

No-Cost Email Summit I want to share a very special, free program with you that is guaranteed to blow your mind! It’s a 22-Day program, featuring Neuro-Enhancement techniques from me and 1o other top experts in the fields of neuroscience, brain entrainment, meditation, neuro-coaching, neuro-emotional connections, and inner genius. Some of the information in this program will surprise…or […]